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What type of services does Ship Supply offer?

For over 40 years, Ship Supply has provided outstanding service to
vessels and ports worldwide. We offer 5 primary services:

  • Agency
  • Bunkering
  • Marine supply & logistics
  • Offshore Catering
  • Ship Management

Our commercial division, the core of our organization, arranges:

  • Deck & engine and cabin supplies
  • Bonded stores
  • Provisions, including fresh meat, fish, produce, dairy, dry
    goods, beverages and a wide selection of regional
    delicacies from many countries around the world.
Does Ship Supply provide ship chandler services?


Does Ship Supply have a technical department?


Is Ship Supply a bonded supplier?


Does Ship Supply provide agency services?


Does Ship Supply provide catering services?

Yes, to offshore, cruise, cargo, ferry, and river vessels.

Does Ship Supply provide bunkering services?


What ports does Ship Supply deliver to within Florida?

Ship Supply delivers to Port of Key West, Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Port of West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Canaveral, Manatee, Jacksonville, Tampa and Fernandina Beach.

Does Ship Supply deliver outside of Florida?


Does Ship Supply service the Caribbean?

Yes. We ship containers weekly to Puerto Rico, Barbados, Antigua, St. Thomas, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti and the Bahamas.

Are container shipments limited to the Caribbean ports?


Does Ship Supply service vessels outside of the Caribbean and US?

Yes. We provide container shipments to many ports worldwide including, but not limited to, Mexico, Greece, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Does Ship Supply serve only commercial vessels?

No. We supply vessels of all types, including but not limited to, cruise, military, expedition, accommodation, river and yacht vessels.

Does Ship Supply support eCommerce platforms?

Yes, we support ShipServ, Lloyds, Sea Supplier and ABS.

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