Ship Supply can provide a vital part of ship’s management, bridging the gap between ship owners/managers, crew and suppliers by offering complete catering management service. Benefits of catering management include improved quality of provisions on board while keeping within a budget. Also seafarers are better able to maintain wellness through dietary consistency during long voyages. Caterings contracts with Ship Supply insure 100% transparency and guarantee that every catering contract will be based on net prices without any hidden rebates or discounts.

Our pricing policy proactively manages a vessel’s needs which is why the cost of your provisions will remain fixed, i.e., not paying extra for “per man/per day” rate. The agreed price is based on Ship Supply’s evaluation of various conditions including: vessel trading area, crew nationality and menus served onboard. Our expert personnel will take care of sourcing suppliers in advance, negotiations, inventories, meal counts, and many others services thereby relieving the Captain of these duties and allowing him to concentrate on running the ship.

WORLDWIDE SERVICE • Anywhere – Anytime – Anything
LOGISTIC & SUPPORT • Serving all Florida – USA – Caribbean Ports and Worldwide
PURCHASING POWER • 1ST Choice for Owners and Ship Managers
FIXED FEEDING RATE • Holding provision costs within budget
ADMINISTRATION • Transparency & Efficiency
HEALTY, SAFETY AND HYGIENE • Developed, Designed & Adapted for Ocean Vessel Crews
COST REDUCTION • Evaluation of Quality & Service
BETTER QUALITY FOOD • Our experience insures proper selection and handing of food from order to table.

Reliably providing essential needs with quality and care.